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I am free Music Festival

I Am Free Music Festival is a unique and diverse music festival, intertwining all different styles of music as well as spoken word. An important part of this festival's uniqueness is that it aims to draw people from all walks of life and encourages them to feel comfortable and free to be themselves. Translating this into the design for their content was no easy task. The wide range of colors is to represent the wide range of people that can be found attending the festival, as well as create an eye-catching design. The vibrant color helps emulate the fun and jovial atmosphere that the festival creates. Finally, a crucial part of the festivals advertisement campaign was to encourage people to come out and participate instead of just streaming the artists' music. The flyers created by Lotus Graphics help viewers reflect on how they typically listen to music and how they could enjoy it even more by attending I Am Free Music Festival.


UX Design

ARRMOGTM will be a one of a kind fitness and motivational website created by Lotus Graphics. The site will combine the clients desire to help motivate people throughout all aspects of their life as well as achieving their fitness goals. Visitors to this interactive website will be able to freely access a variety of different videos and podcasts to help encourage them to work towards their ambitions. ARRMOGTM does not yet have a launch date but stay tuned!

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